Health insurance for Spanish non-lucrative visa

Health Insurance
for Spanish
Non-lucrative visa

If you are looking for a suitable health insurance for a non-lucrative in Spain or a Spanish golden visa health policy, then you would be wise to use the services of an experienced independent broker with a range of providers. We have been operating as a general insurance brokers for over 30 years in Spain.

Since the beginning of January 2021 there have been several adjustments to which Spanish non-lucrative health insurance products are acceptable by the authorities. You need to be careful what you purchase.

Only certain health policies are accepted by the Spanish authorities

There is an extensive market of companies offering a range of health insurance products in Spain. However, only a limited number of products will meet the criteria that the Spanish authorities require. Additionally, whilst the criteria the health policies must meet for the non-lucrative visa for Spain or golden visa in Spain is clear, many Spanish health insurance companies have been slow to adjust and have found that their products are no longer accepted.

Different countries and consulates interpret the rules differently

To add to the complexity, distinct Spanish embassies and consulates around the world interpret the criteria set out in Spanish law differently. The criteria accepted can even vary between consulates in the same country. At the time of writing this, that is the case in the United Kingdom.

Many Spanish health insurance companies no longer accepted

Many health policies from respectable health insurance companies in Spain that were accepted by the thee Spanish consulate offices in the United Kingdom earlier in 2021 are no longer accepted as the consulates have decided to implement the rules with more vigor. The rules have not changed they just were not being implemented. However, whilst the Spanish consulates in the UK have put into practice an existing rule with more force there are other elements they still do not administer. We are still in what seems to be a moving playing field as everyone gets to grips with the non-lucrative visas for Spain and Spanish golden visas.

This makes it really important to use a broker with experience and good relationships with the companies offering health insurance for non-lucrative visas and golden visas.

It is cheaper to go directly to the health insurance company than use your service?

Please note we do not charge you a fee for our service. We will receive a commission payment from the insurance company we introduce you to, if you take out and pay for a policy with them. The premium you pay the insurer is the same if you go directly to them or use our service. However, we will:
• guide you through the application process,
• collect your paperwork that you need to submit your application for the health insurance
• Liaise with the insurer on your behalf
• Explain to you how the product works
• Make sure the insurance company sends you the paperwork you need to submit as part of your non-lucrative visa application or your Spanish golden visa application.

Once you have the product that does not have to be the end of our relationship. We can show you how to obtain authorisations for treatment and liaise between you and the health insurance company if you are having difficulties.

Please check the FAQs to find the answers to the main questions about medical insurance in Spain. You can also contact us for more information.

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