Medical insurance Spain Foreign Students


If you are coming to Spain as part of your studies then you will need to obtain residency. To do so you will need to:

1) Provide proof of your course from the educational centre where you are studying
2) Make a formal declaration that you have the means to support yourself financially whilst in Spain
3) Provide proof that you have appropriate medical insurance in Spain.

For foreign students, providers of medical insurance in Spain usually have special products. These will provide the level of cover needed for your residency application.
They will include a comprehensive level of medical insurance cover including access to doctors for general consultations, diagnostic testing, hospitalisation and surgery.

This medical insurance in Spain does not require the insured to make any contribution to the cost of their treatment other than pay the annual premium. It is known as a policy “sin co-pago”.

These types of medical insurance in Spain often include subsidised dental treatment.

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