Whilst there is the flexibility of working when you want as well as being your own boss, a self-employed person, also doesn’t get sick pay. It is often imperative that a self-employed person in Spain gets back to work as quickly as possible.

Waiting costs money

Waiting for an appointment with a specialist through the social security scheme could take a very long time. A medical insurance in Spain will get you back on your feet. Back earning money, for you and your family that much quicker.

The policy can be used, not just by the person that is self-employed, but also his or her family members.

Covers include access to private doctors as a first point of call, emergency services. In addition, a number of specialist medical treatments. Hospitalisation, operations and even a bed for someone to stay with you.

Worldwide emergency cover

Often these types of policy also include some kind of emergency cover worldwide.

A self-employed person can choose the type of cover they want to have including a full medical insurance in Spain. They can request a policy without any additional payment on top of the annual premium. Alternativley, a policy with a reduced premium but a contribution when visiting a doctor, or undergoing treatment, for example.

These types of medical insurance in Spain often include subsidised dental treatment.


1) Designed specifically for self-employed market
2) Option to choose a policy with or without a contribution each time you use it
3) Ability to include close family members
4) Subsidised dental cover often included

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