For your Medical insurance Spain has a wide range of providers on offer. There are also a vast array of add-ons you can have to tailor your cover. The options give you a chance to cover what is really important to you and your family.

It is important to take your time and think about what are the priorities for you from the options are available.

When deciding on your medical insurance in Spain, it would be sensible to discuss your thoughts and requirements with an independent insurance broker. Sometimes there will have to be a compromise between what cover you would ideally like and what is affordable. An independent expert can help you come to your final decision.

Cover for all budgets

The amount of cover available varies widely and there is a policy to suit every budget.

A basic policy might provide medical emergency cover where an ambulance will be dispatched to your home. If necessary, you will subsequently be transferred to a normal hospital if your condition cannot be treated at home.

Then there are covers that allow you access to private doctors, state of the art hospitals and the latest medical facilities. There are a range of prices depending on what you want to be covered for. Additionally, you can decide whether you are willing to make a contribution on top of your premium when using the services.

Co-payment or no-copayment?

“Co-pago” is where the insured parties pay for the covers included in their policy. Then on top they make a contribution each time they use the service. Depending on the number of times you and your family use the service the co-pago can change. Some policies require a payment every time you use a service. Others after you have used it a defined number of times. Then there are medical insurance policies in Spain that don’t require you to make any additional contribution on top of your normal insurance premium.

If you accept a “co-pago” this reduces the original cost of the insurance. However, if you become ill and go on to require treatment the additional payments may well erode any initial saving. Like everything you have to weigh up the pros and cons. The financial implications of the different types of policy for medical insurance in Spain.

Worldwide cover

Whilst most policies offer European emergency cover and in some cases worldwide it is also possible to purchase a medical insurance in Spain that covers you globally. If you are a frequent traveller for business or pleasure, then this might be an option for you. Depending on the policy and the company the insurer will reimburse you for treatment in a foreign country. This could be for up to 90% of the treatment costs. It also enables you to use whichever medical centre, doctor or hospital in Spain subject to a reimbursement of 80% of the cost.

There are many options that you can add on to your standard medical insurance in Spain.

A number of medical insurance providers also enable you to include add-ons, enabling you to tailor your policy to your requirements. Examples would be to include a reimbursement option, that enables you to use a doctor that is not on the insurance companies approved list, or additional cover in the USA. There is also family assistance where if someone has been hospitalised and there are children under 16 or elderly relatives or pets, or perhaps you want to consider financial help with the costs of medicines prescribed by an authorised doctor.


1) Wide range of covers available from English speaking emergency service to an all-encompassing medical insurance in Spain for you and your family
2) With or without a co-payment
3) World-wide cover option
4) Re-imbursement policy option
5) Add-ons to tailor the product to your requirments

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