Health Insurance
for Spanish
golden visa

If you are looking for a suitable health insurance for a golden visa in Spain, then with over thirty years experience we are confident we can find what you need.

Since the beginning of January 2021 there have been several adjustments to which Spanish golden visa health insurance products are acceptable by the authorities. You need to be careful what you purchase.

The health insurance product must:

1. Be a comprehensive policy including hospitalisation
2. Be without co-payments
3. Run for 12-months.
4. There should be no grace period / moratorium.

What do these policies usually cover?

The actual cover will depend on the company you choose to go with. Below is an indication of what is usually covered by the larger insurance companies:
General medicine
Access to specialists, for example: oncology, dermatology, gynecology...
Intensive care
Emergency services included ambulance
Emergency health assistance abroad


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Please check the FAQs to find the answers to the main questions about medical insurance in Spain. You can also contact us for more information.

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